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Parent Coaching


Why Parent Coaching?

Is your teen defiant at home or school? Are you and your teen struggling to communicate with one another? Are their behaviors intensifying quickly? Do you feel like you are losing control? 


Parenting an adolescent or teenager with disruptive behaviors can be exhausting. You may feel like you are losing control or that your child "runs the household." Many times a parent or caregiver's underlying struggles come to the surface when dealing with their child's behaviors, which may result in you feeling triggered and impacts your ability to respond in an effective manner that does not further escalate the situation.


While it may be difficult to find help for your child, it is imperative that the parents also seek help and support for themselves. Often when our adolescents struggle, we see it in their behaviors which can impact the entire family system. Examples of ways the family may be impacted are: parental attention primarily focused on one child, decreased attention given to other children in the home, more frequent arguments with your spouse or partner, poor work and/or school performance, difficulty concentrating, and more. You are also worthy of help & support.

What to Expect in Parent Coaching:


Assess: How did you get here? When did this begin? What diagnosis has your child been given? What approaches have you tried? Etc.

Educate: Provide education on your child's diagnosis, psychoeducation on age-appropriate incentive & discipline strategies. Discuss how your child's behaviors are impacting the family system.

Plan: Collaborate on what strategies may work best for your family, prioritize behaviors that need to be addressed in order of severity, create plan for incentive discipline strategies that are developmentally appropriate for your child's age & diagnosis, preparation for barriers in plan.

Implement: Put plan into action.

Support & Sustain: Provide emotional support, review advances and barriers of plan, and make adjustments to plan as needed. Regularly reassess and tweak plan as needed to create and maintain long-term change.

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